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ErnieWoodlo is Looking Past the Big Problems on ‘Lil Big Homie’ [VIDEO]

Here’s something fresh coming out of Dallas TexasErnieWoodlo recently dropped his new video in my inbox for, “Lil Big Homie”, and I’d be lying if I said that it hit me right away.  In a world full of turn up, the tune is the anti-turn.

Via a depressing, soft spoken and poignant delivery during the vocals, ErnieWoodlo finds the time to reflect on his life as a whole.  From his upbringing, to his current position, and looking all the way ahead to his funeral, ErnieWoodlo has found a way to shed his soul on the track.  Through a smooth flow and easy to follow lyrics, the song reads almost like an interview.

While the production is fresh in its own right – laden with rich guitars, haunting vocals, clean piano, fat 808’s and slapping drums – for me the songwriting is what makes me keep coming back here.  While it may take a few listens to really have this connect, if you pay attention it will for sure dig deep.  Like a window into his life, ErnieWoodlo let’s you into his world through beautifully crafted metaphors, thought provoking questions, and a clear storyline.

While most of the song remains low key, ErnieWoodlo makes sure to kick things up during the hook, taking the tune from a sad story to a story of triumph.  If you like conscious hip hop that still hits, this may be a jam for you.

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