• Nicholas Zallo

ErnieWoodlo is Looking Past the Big Problems on ‘Lil Big Homie’ [VIDEO]

Here’s something fresh coming out of Dallas TexasErnieWoodlo recently dropped his new video in my inbox for, “Lil Big Homie”, and I’d be lying if I said that it hit me right away.  In a world full of turn up, the tune is the anti-turn.

Via a depressing, soft spoken and poignant delivery during the vocals, ErnieWoodlo finds the time to reflect on his life as a whole.  From his upbringing, to his current position, and looking all the way ahead to his funeral, ErnieWoodlo has found a way to shed his soul on the track.  Through a smooth flow and easy to follow lyrics, the song reads almost like an interview.

While most of the song remains low key, ErnieWoodlo makes sure to kick things up during the hook, taking the tune from a sad story to a story of triumph.  If you like conscious hip hop that still hits, this may be a jam for you.

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