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Esbie Fonte Releases New EP ‘Cemetery Drive’

Raised in the Bay Area and residing in LA, buzzing Dark Pop artist Esbie Fonte has recently unveiled her, “Cemetery Drive”, EP after teasing fans (and top tier media) with an impressive run of singles.  Quickly carving out a lane of her own, Esbie Fonte is bringing a haunting and cinematic vibe to the Pop world.  In stark contrast to the bubble gum Pop-esque  landscape that is LA, Esbie is crafted intricate and somewhat menacing jams for the outsider that lies inside all of us.  

Having caught peoples attention with singles, “Rosie”, and “Veins”, Esbie Fonte made sure to save some gems for the project.  The cohesive 4-track offering which is co-produced by Esbie herself, is incomparable in the sense that it has a sound all its own – a sound that is sure to grab your attention in one way or another.  

With intriguing textures of both acoustic and electronic elements coming together on the production, Esbie’s delicate and soulful vocals take hold of every track and help to transport you down, “Cemetery Drive”.

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Edgy Pop’ playlist on Spotify!

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