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Eugenia Post Meridiem Release New Single "Around My Neck"

Three weeks since their previous single "Willpower", Italian outfit Eugenia Post Meridiem has returned with an infectious surf pop inspired hit "Around My Neck". Marking their second single ahead of their November album release, "Around My Neck" the new track delivers a kaleidoscopic medley of flavours, breakdowns, switch ups and builds, offering a little something for every listener. The unmistakable chemistry between band members is infectious as fans are taken on an unpredictable yet melodically pleasing ride, fit for the radio waves but progressive enough to stand firmly on it's own. "Around My Neck" pulls you in from the first note and leaves you listening from the first lyric.

Following on from 2019’s full length project debut, the highly acclaimed In Her Bones which saw Eugenia Post Meridiem make one of the coveted spots in Rolling Stone Italia’s twenty Italian musical promises for 2020 alongside incredible support from Billboard, CLASH and VICE. Initial single ‘willpower’ and now ‘around my neck’ mark the quartet's first two releases this 2022 after 2021’s double single release LIFE SLEEPER Side A & Side B.

With this second offering now unleashed, they set the wheels firmly in motion, hurtling full speed ahead towards the luminous full length project. Much like a meteor blasting through space, the band continue to divulge their new, cosmic, musical odyssey like i need tension, piece by delectable piece. Dreamy, hypnotic and utterly other worldly yet tethered with sounds, qualities and textures of the past, EPM’s music is an enigmatic smorgasbord of crisp tones, exquisite colour and unique delicacies quite simply unlike anything heard before.

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