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Exmag – Zoonis 1 (Single and Video)

Funky future soul for chill nighttime Listening

US Trio Exmag present Zoonis 1, a laidback tune with moody harmonies, funky bass lines and a tight RnB groove. This is the first single in what is teased as an upcoming E.P in April . The band is elusive in the information they reveal but with what can be gathered, all of them appear to be skilled multi-instrumentalists with a knack for production and relaxed vibes.

In ‘Zoonis 1’ the melody cuts through in the form of a synth while being accompanied by staccato chords that evolve through beautiful chord progressions and the beat smoothly carries the tune forward. The single is accompanied by a video, which features the three musicians playing the tune with three synths and a controller. The camera cycles through the trio while gracefully showing us neon signs and arcade games in the background.

The band will be touring the US for the next couple of months with shows in North Carolina, Florida and Texas and many more. Check out their soundcloud for more tracks!

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