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FAANGS Vibes Out On Debut Single ‘Ceiling’ [VIDEO]

Canadian artist FAANGS has recently released her debut single along with a fresh af official video.  Jumping on my radar in prime fashion, her first single, “Ceiling”, is an edgy and fun Pop jam that I have had in rotation since it dropped.

A signature vocal tone makes her cut through immediately from the first listen while a bubbling and bright production bangs beneath.  An originality is evident from her fashion sense to her writing style, while a dynamic performance and memorable melodies make the tune connect through and through.  A bit of attitude, an energetic beat and a captivating visual are all you can really ask for – and that is exactly what she delivered.

About the release she states, “With this music video, I pushed myself and my own boundaries. I wanted full choreography, even though I could hardly do a two step. So I got to work. I rehearsed for 3 months, every damn day, on a routine that I was so committed to in the hopes of making the music video undeniably electric. I sketched out all the outfits that I wore and executed all the looks through hours of asking designers to collaborate, pulling from my own closet and making pieces myself. I can honestly tell you, this video is so honest and true to the artist that I am, and I want to become. I am beyond thrilled to have this as the introduction to FAANGS. Thank you to my team for the blood, sweat, tears and broken nails it took to get to this starting foundation. Welcome to my glittery, psychotic dreamland.

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