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Fall Awake Unveil Sophomore Album "Beautiful Come Undone"

Fall Awake, the West Chester (Pennsylvania) based rock outfit, has returned with their sophomore effort, "Beautiful Come Undone", marking a significant milestone in their m usical journey. Following their debut album in 2022, the quartet of Austin Gray, Gavin DuBree, Ed Skiles, and Eric Skiles have crafted a record that delves into the complexities of imperfection with raw intensity. Recorded under the adept hands of Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter studio, the band took a refreshingly organic approach, allowing their creative instincts to guide them. As they aptly put it, "We made a conscious decision to not overkill the process...the result is 11 songs that rip hard, go deep when they need to, but ultimately personify who we are as a band." This authenticity shines through each track, capturing the essence of their collective musical prowess.

"Beautiful Come Undone," is a sonic journey that doesn't hold back. Clocking in at 43 minutes, it's a heavy and mysterious ride from start to finish. From the infectious riffs of "Pale Blue Light," to the brooding energy of tracks like, "Sugar Sour," Fall Awake demonstrates a commendable versatility while maintaining a cohesive sound throughout. Lead single "Softly" serves as a compelling introduction to the album, showcasing the band's ability to seamlessly blend dynamic instrumentation with introspective lyricism. With its ear worm melodies and driving rhythm, it's a standout track that encapsulates the album's overall ethos.

Overall, "Beautiful Come Undone," is a testament to Fall Awake's growth and maturity as musicians. While staying true to their high-energy rock roots, they've infused this record with a newfound rawness and urgency that sets it apart. Each song feels like a visceral expression of the band's collective spirit, making for a captivating listening experience. In a musical landscape often worried more about sound quality and perfection, Fall Awake embraces the beauty in the nuances in between, inviting listeners to join them on a cathartic journey of self-discovery. "Beautiful Come Undone" is more than just an album—it's a testament to the enduring power of rock music to move and inspire. Available now on all streaming platforms, this is one record that deserves to be played loud and listened to with intent.

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