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FJ Law releases follow up single ‘tongue tied’ to last years release ‘friends&#821

FJ Law is the solo project of songwriter and producer Danny Hall, who released his latest single ‘tongue tied’ at the end of January. His unique talent to create effortless alt-indie tunes showcase in this track. In ‘tongue tied’, FJ Law merges his singer/songwriter roots with electronic beats and pulsing synth lines.

In his own words: “This song is about never finding the right words to say in important situations, always stumbling over your sentences and never helping the situation.”

Based on his personal experience, the track is about Hall’s first toxic relationship at the age of 18. He explains the uncontrollable temper of his partner and how this often left both sides in pieces. He mentions: “I knew she wasn’t good for me but it was all I ever knew. There would be occasions when she threw my clothes out of the window or my phone against the wall. I knew I couldn’t carry on but I could never bring myself to say the words to end it. I would always back track, get tongue tied and tangle myself further in the web.

FJ Law has previously worked alongside the likes of Nina Nesbitt and Kwassa. His unreleased track ‘State to State’ got picked by Phil Taggart for his ‘Chillest Show’. His other unreleased track ‘Catching 22’ made it on to the BBC Hotlist, after being uploaded to BBC Introducing.

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