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Flores Soars On ‘Wings’

Born in LA but currently residing in NorwayFlores has been able to rack up millions of streams and garner support from tastemakers worldwide with her incredibly soulful sound.  Having teamed up with acclaimed producer Math Times Joy, Flores has recently released a string of well received singles, most recently unleashing, “Wings”.

Over a minimal yet dynamic production carried by subtle melodies and driving kick drums, Flores brings a gospel-esque vibe to the track.  Rich harmonies and counter melodies interplay while Flores absolutely dominates the track.  The emotional new tune showcases Flores’ ability to write touching tunes and deliver them in a way that cuts deep.

The down-tempo release brings and undeniable sway that will have you slow bopping while hanging onto every word.  The enchanting vocal performance brings a mix of emotions – a subtle sadness carried by an air of hope.  “Wings”, is an all around beautiful tune that once again proves Flores is here to stay.  Make sure you keep tabs.

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