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Flow-Pop Artist danny G Releases Dynamic New Video featuring Travie McCoy – “long live&#

Typically a breeding ground for country music, Nashville has only recently exploded with talent of all genres. Among those, Hip-Hop and Pop are fast on the rise and indie artist danny G offers an authentic charm that elevates him above the competition. danny G coined the term “flow pop” to describe his pop/rap infused sonic landscape, reminiscent of acts such as G-Eazy and early Mac Miller. In a world that craves a humanized approach to art, danny G is fearlessly himself. His words, delivery and overall inviting demeanour make you want to be his best friend. And that’s just it – danny G is your friend. He’s the guy you call when you need someone to rely on. He’s the one you look up to because of his drive and genuine passion for his craft. danny is the guy that will always be a kid at heart and his youthful spirit ruminates through his music, living by the belief that we don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

danny G has released his newest hit “long live” featuring Travie McCoy. The video demonstrates the very ethos of a forever summer; feet on the dash, windows down kind of vibe. And putting the lead vocalist of legendary rap-rock group Gym Class Heroes on the track introduces an ever-familiar youthful spirit which pairs seamlessly with the songs overall message. Their music video stays in line with danny’s authentic, approachable nature. Comprised of shots from the studio to the stage, it delivers a sense of realness and an inside look into the steps of the creative process from writing the song to bringing it to life in front of a packed audience at famed Nashville venue, Exit/In. With the city of Nashville represented in the background (and a billboard with his face on it,) danny embraces his youthful spirit by singing “We got nothin’ figured out, long live the youth in me”. In other words, no matter how much wisdom he gains, he plans to always maintain his youthful spirit. 

The track starts lightheartedly with odes to relatable experiences of “easy mac and student debt, fake ID’s but realest friends.” danny welcomes you with open arms into his world to party with him on the weekends and to sleep past your 8am alarm. Travie McCoy comes in with the first verse, showing vulnerability right from the top: “No this is not at all easy for me, Nore has it ever been. I’ve never claimed to be better than, or had the type of skin that I could settle in.” Travie’s humble beginning to his 15 year old story ends with him saying that he had to make himself uncomfortable in order to be where he is now; that adventurous spirit is ingrained in youthfulness. danny continues with lines like “Always be a student of the world man”; understanding how important it is to never lose your curiosity for the world if you want to stay young. But just because he’s staying young, doesn’t mean he can’t settle down “Swear I met my future wife, blonde hair and those big…blue eyes”…on second thought, maybe he’ll wait a few more years.

danny G is a 22 year old pop/hip hop artist who defies genre limits, drawing inspiration from top pop acts such as Charlie Puth while at the same time harnessing influence from rappers like Dave East and YBN Cordae. danny pushes authenticity and love as he aims to inspire those who come across his artistry to be themselves and embrace their imperfections. The recent college graduate garnered the attention of big acts in 2019, putting out records with Xuitcasecity, Cam Meekins, and even hitting the studio with Gym Class Heroes frontman, Travie McCoy. danny is poised for a huge 2020 with lots of fun surprises on the way that you won’t want to miss.

“If music is the drug then I guess drugs are something different, if music’s my escape then I’m escaping to my vision, if records are my worth I guess I’m worth a couple minutes, if this is me, then art’s my definition” – danny G

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