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Fresh New Tunes from SF Artist Esbie Fonte [VIDEO]

For someone who runs a music blog and gets submissions from strangers all day long, there’s often nothing more exciting than having a track from someone you know land in your inbox.

Born in San Francisco, currently based in LA, I first met Esbie Fonte when we worked together for a short time at Tommy Boy Records.  During that time, It wasn’t long before we started sharing our personal tunes with each other and I found my self hypnotized by her voice.  With an incredible amount of depth and a richness that is hard to come by these days, her tone and delivery are without a doubt ear catching.  

Since then, she has moved back out west and has been continuing her musical journey.  Recently she released her single, “Pico & Westwood”, and it is one of my favorite tunes from her to date.  The dark, hypnotizing tune relies on hard panned melodies, thick layers and a bit of grit to help Esbie deliver the most attitude filled release I have heard from her – and I dig it.  A stark contrast to the bubbly personality I was accustomed to seeing in the office, “Pico & Westwood”, shows Esbie Fonte in a whole new light.

While I have been sitting on this track for a minute, Esbie seems to be showing no signs of letting up.  Hot on the heels of, “Pico & Westwood”, Esbie dropped a new single, “Manumit”, along with an official video that depicts the rising talent confined and looking to break out.  Seemingly perfectly inline with the previous release, it seems Esbie Fonte may have found her sound… and I am digging it.

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