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&friends release latest single “Duro” feat. Young Dotun via Paradise Sound System

Maintaining their blazing momentum across the summer, the global afro-house collective &friends has been preparing tirelessly over the past months to bring all of the international collaborators to one stage. Finally set to make their collective debut, their latest single “Duro” feat. Young Dotun made its way to the airwaves on the same day as their debut live performance that took place in Egypt on August 25th, 2023 via Paradise Sound System.

Their latest track signifies the joining of Young Dotun to the growing circle of global collaborators that are a part of the project, alongside artists Oluwadamvic, Phina Asa and El-Jay. Lyrically, “Duro” is a powerful song with a poignant message of love, connection and commitment – across the breadth of the track we hear Young Dotun’s soulful voice capture the beauty of love in a tribute partnership and companionship. The production gives birth to a driving, dynamic melody that’s both melancholic and uplifting, musically tying together the essence of Young Dotun’s lyrics.

Listen to the track, Duro on your favorite platform here!

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