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Galo asks only one thing from us, and it doesn't involve sitting down - "Pump It" is Retroclub

Here is the thing right "Pump It" goes hard, Galo has not left anything on the floor when it comes to the audio design of this track, but it also feels like the ultimate throwback and I'm so amped for it.

"Pump It" is this strange hybrid club track that has on one side a tech - house ramp-up, but on the other side, it feels like a funk disco track that's been cut up, rehashed, refabricated and brought into the new timeline. Galo is a humble Florida-based DJ and Producer, but you wouldn't guess that from the funkadelic soundscape that is "Pump It" .

There is only one thing to do and without going into Pun territory, it does involve moving your body and not quitting until Galo says so.

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