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Garrett Douglas Drops Groovy New Single, "Under The Sun"

Long Beach, CA native and musician, Garrett Douglas, doesn't believe in boundaries, especially those created by genre. The product of a melting pot, Garrett was exposed to all genres, and grew up cultivating a sound influenced by all-of-them. Drawing from rock, hip-hop, and R&B, Garrett's music is both eclectic and perfectly well-rounded, for the bright Pop sound he is known for. As the lead singer of Atlantic Records pop/reggae band, 4th & Orange, Garrett Douglas made a name for himself, which he continues to deliver on.

The new single "Under The Sun", comes from Garrett at an independent point in his career, but lacks none of the polish, brightness, and musicianship that has come to be expected, of the artist. With a snappy acoustic rhythm and percussion, a smooth vocal delivery and smart relatable lyrics, "Under The Sun", delivers everything a radio-ready pop song is made of. On top of all that, the story in the lyrics is compelling and motivating. During and after, listeners are called to get out and live, to "run, run, run, see everything that's under the sun". The song is a call to action for carpe diem. There's a lot of life to enjoy, out there, "Under The sun". So get outside, spend some money, go on an adventure, surround yourself with something new. As the song says, "all you need is time on your side".

Listen to more like Garrett Douglas here:

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