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Rocking out of Manchester, UK, Gathering of Strangers (originally Strangers) consists of five members. Lead vocalist Conor Rabone along with members Tom, Bruce, Peter and Andre came from all-over the UK and met while studying in Manchester. The members of this five piece band brought with each of them a unique style and different musical inspirations. This eclectic mixture comes together to form the powerful and distinctive sound in their rock music. Anthemic vocals, a propelling rock beat and instrumentation and powerful lyrical content deliver a driving sonic flurry to the ears. The new single from the group, Antidote, is gripping from go and will invoke both emotion and restlessness. A song about the constant “waiting for change” in our every-day tribulations and lives, Antidote captures the feeling of unrest, perfectly, both musically and physically.

“This track addresses the struggles we all face at some point in our lives and the harsh reality that we’re all just sat waiting for change.” – explains Rabone, of the song. “Through the aggression of the song, we wanted to mimic the frustration and pain that these situations cause us. A need for escape from something or someone that’s got a hold over you.”

Antidote is a call-to-action. Through it’s inspiring lyrics and uplifting music, Gathering of Strangers is calling listeners and fans to STOP waiting and go make change, becoming the “Antidote” they seek.

Solid Rock music impeccable and anthemic vocals and an unrelenting energy on stage during their live performances, has to come to be expected from the five UK boys and their live performance is an extremely important part of their music, to them.

Gathering of Strangers has left their footprint in the sand of their hometown, and local music scenes and are on the rise to new heights. Sights are set and their talent will take them there, with a plan to reach far and wide to new audiences.

Antidote’s larger-than-life sound is both a product of great musicianship and technical skill. The latter of the two coming from being recorded by Seadna McPhail at Airtight Studios Manchester, home to works from Paul Weller, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and The Courteeners, to name a few. The production and mixing is credit to David Watts, at Chairworks, who has worked with the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs to Paul Heaton.

Listen to more music from Gathering of Strangers, here:

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