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George Mensah Introduces Multi-Layered Track "Nobody"

If you're a fan of house music, you're going to love this track. Fit for the dancefloor, George Mensah's "Nobody" delivers a high energy, yet smooth vibe fit for lovers of dance music. Having quickly established himself as a staple on UK radio, his impressive collection of streams have led to an international fan base. Delivering a steady groove and uniquely sampled hooks. Mensah is known for energetic LIVE performances worldwide. In "Nobody" we are given a perfect array of consistent drum patterns and soulful vocals that would gel well with any late night club atmosphere. Having gathered over 3.93M streams on Spotify, George Mensah musically makes it a point to let listeners know that while he's established himself as a true veteran of house, he's still very much evolving as an exciting artist on the rise.

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