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George Mensah opens up their arms and embraces us with "Share My Love"

UK DJ, Producer and Musician George Mensah opens the door to soul disco heaven with "Share My Love", a bop that goes about as hard as the neon walls of Unit 58.

Founder of LOVEJUICE George Mensah has designed a euphoric experience with "Share My Love" a track that pulls us right into the centre of the best disco-drenched summer dream of the year. The track bleeds charisma, sass, funk and a good helping synthy neon - It's the new kid on the block with the new style, but boy is that style gonna catch on fast.

George Mensah is a veteran of the game and "Share My Love" might just be one of the tracks that's gonna be challenged as their Magnum Opus, catch them at Studio 338 on the 14th of May and you just might get blessed by this jam.

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