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Get High with Max Frost [VIDEO]

Austin based artist Max Frost has been hard at work for several years now not only releasing several EP‘s but keeping busy on the road touring the US, Australia and Europe.

Influenced by literally, “everything he’s ever listened to“, you can find Max casually crossing over genres with each release, making music that comes naturally and feels authentic.  Now signed to Atlantic Records and in the midst of his national headlining, “The A.D.D. Tour“, we figured it would be a good time to share his latest release (and video) for, “High All Day“.

If this is your first introduction to Max Frost (as it was mine) this is all you really need to see what he is about – beyond his affinity for weed and, “Adderall“.  The new tune tells the tale of a broken heart and a bag of weed.  With no real explanation, his love has walked away, and with nothing left to wake up for, Max Frost finds himself getting high all day.

The track is well written, upbeat and fun and the video is a perfect match to the song.  Down and out, left with nothing more than some dapper threads and a beat up car, it takes all he’s got to break out of the smoke and get over to home where his love resides.  While he may be high as a kite, his heart sees clearly – love conquers all (I suppose).

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