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GFTD Switch Gears on New Single ‘Soothe the Soul’

GFTD‘s new single “Soothe the Soul” pays homage to the golden age of hip-hop while still staying relevant and fresh. With Jackie Paladino‘s voice resonating above the hip hop beat and GFTD‘s powerful lyrics it’s impossible not to pay attention to this hit. It’s got the kind of depth that made early hip hop so powerful.

Produced by 88-Keys (Mod Def, Kanye, Mac Miller, Sia), this song allows GFTD to branch off of the 2nd generation Wu ancestry and grow in a whole new direction. “Soothe the Soul ” is another addition to the impressive milestones for iNTeLL and PXWER who recently released the “New Generation Remix” featuring Method Man as well as their debut “7.O.D” which released late last year. Their ability to take inspiration from influential early hip hop groups like Wu-tang and make it into something entirely their own speaks volumes to their talent and to the massive social impact that hip hop has had. I look forward to seeing iNTeLL and PXWER cultivate their sound even further and leave their own lasting impact on the hip-hop scene.

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