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Glenn Travis Impresses with Smooth R&B Vibes

I feel like R&B is one of the hardest genres to find talent in.  I find either you’ve already been discovered, or you’re just not all that good.

Enter Glenn Travis and his new tune, “Mean It“, produced by Mike Daley.  With impressive vocal control, solid songwriting and an overall polished vibe, I keep finding myself coming back to this one.  Coming through with those Jason Derulo x Trey Songz vibes, this song has a great Pop arrangement while the vocals are smooth and enticing.  The Electronic infused production relies on some percolating percussive sounds and some wavy synths to make the basis for Glenn to shine.

While I do not have much background info on Glenn Travis, I will be keeping tabs.  Excited to see what is next from this up and comer.

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