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Hailey Knox Stuns with ‘Don’t Got One’ [VIDEO’]

About 5 years ago, I was at an event shooting video for a DJ colleague of mine when a young woman came up to perform some songs.  We all know that performances at corporate events are often cringey af, so I was prepared for the worst – and yet I was left needing to find out more about Hailey Knox.

As someone who had just started interning at a record label, I knew there was an undeniably massive amount of talent standing in front of me.  I’ve been keeping tabs ever since, and it didn’t take very long for other people recognize the same thing that I saw during that short performance that consisted of nothing more than her and a mic.

In only a few short years, the now 18 year old has gone from small time corporate events to big time touring and publicity – and for good reason.  Beyond her being a multi-instrumentalist, her voice is top notch, her quirky attitude is adorable, and her songs are super accessible and well written.  It’s always fun to watch an artists career develop in the way that hers has, and it’s really only the beginning for her.

She recently released the official video for her latest single, “Don’t Got One”, which premiered on Billboard, and it is exactly what I’d hope to see.  The song itself is an absolute jam, with touching and easy to follow lyrics, clean production and a beautiful vocal performance.  Throw in a short bridge with some mouth trumpet – and that’s all you really need.

Way excited to see Hailey Knox continue her rise in the Pop world.

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