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Halloween’s Newest “Must Have” Track

As Halloween is fast approaching, Esbie Fonte’s newest hit song, “Cobwebs,” is the perfect experimental pop song to assure both hauntingly beautiful and mystical vibes for any upcoming Halloween party. Fonte is both chilling and mesmerizing, which adds a whole new meaning to dark, alt-pop in her brand new single, “Cobwebs.” From the trance like guitar chords, to Fonte’s chilling, yet enigmatic voice, Fonte has the special ability to transport her listeners into a dark, but beautiful world, leaving them completely spellbound.

The trap percussion fills in the intentionally sparse production, lending another eerie, dark, and vivid dream like quality to the single, ultimately leaving her audience mesmerized.  Moreover, Fonte’s vocals hooks are both hypnotic and alluring, due to the many harmonic layers, which not only adds to the overall sinister and captivating mood of “Cobwebs” , but also showcases her skills as an innovative artist and musician. 

Fonte has paved her own lane with her dark, cinematic, and hypnotic sound, due to her ability to bend “unexpected styles to create unique pop music” (LA Weekly). Fonte’s ability to create unique and innovative music has caused her to gain mass amounts of praise from notable media outlets, such as Buzzband LA, The 405, and LA WeeklyHowever, success is nothing new to the L.A. based artist, since her track “Aces High,” garnered immediate praise from KCRW’s Latest Show, and reached #1 on Hype Machine’s Popular Charts. 

“Cobwebs,” is Fonte’s most recent project, following the release of her new EP, Cemetery Drive.

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