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Halo Feels At Home On New Single, “Love You So”

Danielle Tambellini, also known by her stage name Halo has been non-stop in the studio over the last year working on new tunes and the time has finally come for her to share some music with the world.  Her latest offering is her new single, “Love You So“, which is written, performed and produced by the multi-talented artist and it comes just in time for the summer.

Love You So“, is a bubbly feel good jam, displaying not on Halo’s angelic vocals, but her production chops as well.  Blending aspects from chart topping Pop tunes with Electronic elements, this new one can easily cross over and appeal to a wide range of music lovers.

The LA based artist comes with arsenal of talent.  From headlining regular DJ gigs, playing piano, singing, writing and producing, there is not much that Halo can’t handle. Check out her new tune (+ lyric video) below and stay tuned for a lot more coming your way.

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