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HAYL Braves Emotional New Tune “I’m Not Sad”

It takes a lot to pull ourselves out of a dark place and move on after a breakup. We’re no longer the same person and every moment we’re left stuck in our head just feels like hell. Indie pop artist HAYL captures this bit of heartbreak on her emotional new tune “I’m Not Sad.”

The tune conveys a dark presence that channels HAYL’s despondent and emotional headspace. Laced with moody production and impassioned vocals, you can’t help but relate to the indie artist as she tries to grapple with this deep feeling of sadness. Provoking deep moments of anger, hurt, and sorrow, the lyrics are hard-hitters that catch you off-guard and throw you in an exposed and powerless space. Channeling vulnerable moments, even if she feels jaded, is important to HAYL, saying:

“Last year I was struggling to get over my ex, I thought writing all of the ways he hurt me would help get over him, but I was convincing everyone but myself.”

Nashville-based pop artist HAYL defines a rhetoric of vulnerability that reaches the hearts of her listeners. HAYL has always been a singer, but started writing songs to help be a voice for her non-verbal autistic sister who couldn’t express herself verbally. “I love having deep conversations about real experiences, and want my music to reflect that”, says HAYL.

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