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In this fourth single, released by the budding Nashville based artist, HAYL has come out swinging! In her newest release, the talented artist has touched upon some familiar territory, fearlessly calling out her ex (previously mentioned in her earlier single ‘Be Like You’), and letting him know that by walking away from her he is losing a GOOD thing. Everything I loved about us was still ringing in my head. Not even one month after an unexpected breakup, feeling stuck on the idea that we were meant to be together, I wrote ‘Can’t Go Bad’ about my ex. Maybe if I reminded him of all the good parts he would come back and try to make it work”.HAYL

HAYL, again, uses a good mixture of POP/INDIE sensibilities for the lyrical content of this jam, which is totally relatable to anyone who has ever even thought about trying to get back together with an ex, and effortlessly adds a touch of ELECTRONIC synth sound accompanying a minimal but well placed guitar riff and layered background vocals. The tune is well produced and highly polished sound, that works. Definitely looking forward to more jams coming through, from HAYL, and certainly think it is worth giving a listen to, if you haven’t already!

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