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Hear The Score Roar w/ New Single- ‘Best Part’

The Score, are an LA based/ NY born musical duo comprised of Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover. The pair are no strangers to the industry, signed to Republic Records, these gold-certified and critically acclaimed boys have dropped their newest single, ‘BEST PART‘. This certified banger transcends genres, in the best way possible. The soaring, stadium filling sound of the guitar hits the ears just right for those of us who love ROCK anthems. Catchy choruses are soaked with self awareness, rooted in an extremely evident self-confidence, while well written verses blend that ROCK anthem sound with some of the best, that the INDIE genre of today, has to offer. All this, as a strong percussion drives beneath the melodies of the tune methodically, like an ELECTRONIC dance jam that sets your soul on fire, while still hitting that 4/4 rock beat and making your foot tap in time with your head nod. All of these aspects wrap the single up in a wonderful little POP package that CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be ignored.

THE SCORE, brings us this fun, genre blurring, MEGA-JAM on the heels of quite a year in 2019. Their single ‘Bulletproof‘ feat. Xylø, has racked up nearly 5.1 million streams and counting… you may recognize it as the end title song featured in the NETFLIX original movie, 6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay. However, that wasn’t their only song to make it into the film. The duo also had three additional songs sprinkled throughout; ‘Glory‘, ‘Legend‘, and ‘The Fear‘.

Altogether, along with anthems like ‘Oh My Love‘ and the aforementioned jams, The Score has accumulated over 3 billion streams worldwide. With multiple EP’s – Unstoppable, Myths & Legends, and Pressure and Stay as well as their 2017 full length album ATLAS, the pair have lit up and blown away stadiums across the world with sold out tours spanning multiple countries AND continents. The Score has also made their way into the marketing world, featured in campaigns for huge companies such as Jeep and the NBA.

It’s pretty obvious, this duo has a lot more to offer and we will be treated to more powerful, spunky, and fun anthems in the future. Keep one eye on this band and one ear on their Spotify page!

Rock out to some more music by THE SCORE:

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