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Heavy New Release from Icon South [FREE DL]

When asked about his recent release, “Galaxy”, Dallas based producer Icon South explains, “This song should make you want to punch your Mother.”  For someone who adores his mother, initially, this was hard for me to swallow – yet for some reason, by the end of the track… I was not as opposed to punching my mother.

While we tend to stay away from featuring mostly instrumental releases, we admit there are always a handful that get through the cracks.  This is one of those instances.  Relying on sampling some dialogue from what I am guessing is a movie and delivering a glitchy, grimey, ripping production – Icon South develops a disgusting Festival Trap bomb.

Pulling in some Dubstep influences, specifically on the synth work, and mixing in booming 808’s, rhythmic hi hats and snapping snares – the up and coming Producer has been pumping up my morning commute for days now.  The dynamic release keeps the listener guessing at every turn and rips from beginning to end.

Keep an eye on Icon South fa sho.

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