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Hip Hop Artist Dré Anthony Releases Relatable New Single “On My Mind”

Toronto’s Hip Hop scene never ceases to impress and artist Dré Anthony definitely does not fall short with his melodic new single “On My Mind”. Available on all streaming platforms, “On My Mind” tells a story that so many can relate to. The journey to making it in music never stops and as Dré says in his new track, he’s “Always gotta move, always on my grind”. And this doesn’t just apply to music. Life can be an endless grind and when paired with music, it feels like you never have any extra time. But passion speaks volumes and if you want something bad enough, you’re gonna go and get it. Dré embodies an admirable hustle that will serve him well as he continues forward with his music career.

Dré has been making music since 2014. He dropped his first mixtape “Dice” in March of 2020 and he’s experienced impressive momentum ever since. With endorsements from popular Hip Hop sites like World Star, Dré’s organic talents are quickly being recognized by the masses. His authentic spirit and humanized lyrical content will take him far, as we live in a time where listeners crave realness more than they crave a good party track. “On My Mind”, a leading single off of his project “Dice” comes seamlessly paired with a self-directed and self-edited music video. The video being shot at night offers a moody ambiance to show that even if it means little sleep, Dré’s determined to get his work done.

The single has already garnered an organic 14k+ views on YouTube and it’s still climbing. Dré’s willingness to release approachable and relatable content is proving effective as his fanbase continues to grow. Even in a turbulent year like 2020, people are on their grind more than ever before. Inspired by the reaction to this years releases, Dré plans to continue to produce dynamic visuals for the singles off of “Dice”. Once the creative juices for this project run dry, he looks forward to producing another project to ring in a new chapter in what is already proving to be an undeniably successful career.

You can follow Dré on Instagram here.

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