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Hip Hop Artist Jaehross Reflects on Memories as he Prepares for the New Year

Texas-based hip hop artist Jaehross introduces a unique flair to the Austin music scene. Having pushed through several challenges along the way, he successfully created his own sound built through a combination of musical influences and the things that rings true to himself. Jaehross believes that being yourself is the ultimate super-power. There is no you other than you and he applies this level of authenticity to everything he pursues.

Jaeh discovered his love for music at a young age. Influenced by artists like Chamillionare, Jaeh’s passion for the game has evolved beyond rapping but also to engineering, film and music production. Having toured with high tier artists on an international scale, his experience is becoming unmatched. Lessons are always being learned while memories are constantly being made. His most memorable tour moments include driving the wrong way to Cleveland, staying at a vacant apartment above a pizza parlor in Brooklyn and basically being stranded in Dusseldorf.

Never a dull moment, Jaeh embraces the learning moments as well as the funny memories. After these experiences, he understands the importance of being mentally prepared for anything. And if 2020 proved anything, it solidified to us the unpredictable nature of life. During quarantine, he has managed to stay focused on his craft. Tying up loose ends helped him to continue his swing of momentum while understanding the fact that the pandemic had a way of leveling the playing field. He took this time to connect with his fanbase a bit deeper than he had before and as he preps for 2021, he gears up to release new projects while staying hopeful that artists will be back on the road soon.

Follow Jaehross on Instagram here and keep up with new music in 2021 by visiting his Spotify here.

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