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Hip Hop Artist Mikeyy Austin Releases Soulful New Album “Greenhouse”

Michigan-based Hip Hop/Soul artist Mikeyy Austin represents the midwest to the fullest. With influences like Common and Bobbi Humprey, Mikeyy has created a signature sound of witty lyricism, bouncy cadences and true soulful production. Having first entered the scene in 2016, his foundation started of strong with recognition from legends like Erykah Badu. His range shines through each and every project as he fuses jazz and soul with hip hop, bringing his talents to the people as a true bandleader. Mikeyy has shared stages with Moonchild and The Cool Kids, and he feels excited for the next chance he and many other musicians will get to perform for people LIVE.

In Michigan, Mikeyy spearheads Mikeyy Austin & The Soulcial Club, a well-known local band who serves as a leader in the venue circuit. He enjoys curating shows in his hometown with the mission of highlighting local artists in order to influence the next generation of artistic leaders. He donates thousands of dollars in proceeds to local high schoolers so that they can continue on with their arts education programs.

His new album “Greenhouse” is all about growth, harmony and newness. Aligning with his very ethos, Mikeyy presents the importance of awareness to the environment around you while still finding peace with oneself. “If the color green had a sound, then this would be it” says Mikeyy. His new-found interest in plants this year has grounded him; the strong feeling of connection to the earth has influenced his music as he takes the earths influence and brings it to life through more mellow, relaxed melodies. His very own greenhouse at home has served as a perfect atmosphere for his newly evolved soundscapes.

You can follow Mikeyy on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to learn more!

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