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Hip Hop Artist YONAS Introcues The #GOODDAYCHALLENGE Around His New Single “Good Day”

It’s safe to say that the world is ready for a good day. YONAS’s single “Good Day” couldn’t be more in line with the mood that listeners crave, as he openly expresses the beauty of duality over buoyant production and celebratory keys. Introducing the #GOODDAYCHALLENGE to social media, YONAS encourages fans and listeners worldwide to take to Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok & Twitter to describe, via video, what they’re doing to stay positive during the current pandemic. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, the world has experienced a surge of panic and concern; YONAS wants to introduce a little light into the mix by using content to express to fans that they are in control of their destiny and that they too can overcome the fear & anxiety that exists within our current climate.. With statements like “Despite what’s going on, I’m having a good day. How are you staying positive right now?” he will introduce his own home videos to encourage listeners to turn these dark days into great ones. After all, positivity is good for the immune system right? 

His single “Good Day” is LIVE on all platforms today! In the track, YONAS brings his beloved bravado and couples it with relatable verses and a lighthearted chorus that opens the world’s doors after days spent inside. The song itself is sunny and endlessly danceable; we dare you not to smile. YONAS describes “Good Day” as the epitome of being. The complexities entwined with simplicity, the highs and lows, and ups and downs make up the beauty of life and that in its essence is what “Good Day” is all about.

“I often think about music made during slavery. One major thing I learned is how beautifully simple the lyrics sounded on the surface, until you dove into the history, the stories, the references, the deeper meaning. It’s like artwork you can stare at for days because of the beauty on the surface, and then over time your eyes adjust and you begin to see the texture and layers that can only be seen by taking the time.”

With lyrics like “So even then we was seein’ stars and dreamin bout the day we drive them European cars / I guess it helped us forget the fact that we were scarred” we’re reminded of how powerful the mind really is. Life is not easy, and we as humans learn to deal with the lows by focusing on the highs. Just like the saying “Only boring people get bored”, this track emphasizes the influence of the mind and the ability that we have to turn our days around simply with a shift in mindset. This is where the #GOODDAYCHALLENGE comes in; by encouraging fans to turn the bad into good, he starts a conversation about the power of the mind and how the spread of positivity can leave an impact on the world. Instrumentally, “Good Day” takes listeners on a walk from beginning to end with zero dips in energy in between. YONAS’s ethos remains consistent throughout, giving fans a little something to celebrate at a time when they need it the most.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to do with my music from the beginning. Make the harsh realities a little easier to digest. Hide the medicine in the candy.”

Having collaborated with some of the top names in music and acquiring half a billion streams cross-platform, easily places YONAS at the top of the pack. “Good Day” follows his most recent release “OMG” as well as “Karate Kid”, receiving top praise from Forbes, Hollywood Life, Sirius XM and many more, inching him even closer to over 80M streams on Spotify alone. YONAS has had the distinction of sharing studios and stages with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Logic, B.O.B, Macklemore, Schoolboy Q and more. His music has charted on Itunes in over 20 countries since 2018, earning him prime exposure through features and song placements with MTV U, Pepsi, Fuse TV, Warrior Sports, etc. His unique ability to cater to a wide array of audiences gives him an undeniable edge in this industry and his movement continues to innovate and inspire listeners worldwide.

Be sure to follow YONAS on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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