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In LOVE with the new Rotana Single ‘Crime’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, singer/songwriter Rotana has recently begun a series called, “Demo Love”.  While much of her focus centers around writing for other artists, she has begun to release the demos of the songs she is writing – most recently releasing, “Crime”.

Originally written for Grey and Skott,Crime”, is a beautiful Pop leaning acoustic tune that sees Rotana writing stunning lyrics on top of a minimal guitar driven production.  Beyond the lyrics, Rotana also shines on her vocal delivery.  Soft spoken and poignant, she drives each word in deep helping the song to connect with the listener.

Listening to this one, it I easy to understand why she has has so much success writing for other artists.  Top-notch songwriting and beautifully dynamic vocals…. I’m in love with this one.

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