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After priming the pumps and teasing fans with three singles (INTOXICATED, TIME MACHINE, REMEDY) LA artist INDICA has now unleashed his highly anticipated, “RETROMODERN”, EP.  Created in collaboration with producer Andrew Luce, “RETROMODERN”, sees INDICA blending nostalgic textures and soundscapes with new wave swag and smooth as hell flows.

Throughout the EP, INDICA keeps listeners engaged from track to track with his sun-kissed California vibe oozing out of every line.  With tempo and instrumental changes from track to tack, the project brings an array of grooves while also feeling totally composed and cohesive.  With INDICA’s smooth, auto-tuned vocals and impeccable melodies leading the way, every track is promised to invade your head and set up camp.  Earworm hooks and top notch production stay consistent throughout the EP, helping to set INDICA up for a major 2019.

On top of the 3 jams that have already been released from the project, INDICA made sure to save some hear for the full drop.  From the hypnotic title track, to the attitude laced, “SCARFACE”, and the down tempo, “EXTRA GROOVY”, INDICA rounds out the EP with even more tunes to boost even the worst of moods.  Hit play and let the vibe take hold.

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