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Indie Artist Paul Barrett Delivers Exciting Progressive Rock Album- Threshold Consciousness

Multi-Instrumental independent recording artist Paul Barrett, hailing from CT, USA, has dropped his newest release. The solo album titled Threshold Consciousness is a driving Progressive/ALT Rock album totaling 37 minutes and 12 seconds, spread among 8 solid tracks. On the album, Barrett acted as writer, composer, producer, mixer and even mastered the album, himself. Among all these impressive feats, Paul Barrett is also the only voice and musician you are hearing, across all tracks.

Many songs on the album begin with longer, soaring musical intros, boasting grungy rhythm guitar, driving a strong melody, accompanied with piano and cleaner reverberating leads. Tying the ensemble together is a smooth and guttural vocal performance through out the album, with relatable lyrics that are easy to understand and identify with. The rhythm section is one you would expect from any solid Rock song, with a 4/4 tempo leading the songs from start to finish and perfectly filling the robust sonic tones, coming from the string section.

Hands down, this is a Rock album to listen to! You can find Paul Barrett and the album Threshold Consciousness on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, and Deezer.

Paul Barrett, should be paid attention to. He’s got some real rock chops! Check out other music from Paul, here:

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