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Indie jazz-rock collective Waters Of March reconcile with the past on brand new single "Red Madrone"

Today, musical collective Waters of March are elated to release “Red Madrone”, the second single from their upcoming eponymous EP, due for release on April 7th, 2023 via Darkhan. “Red Madrone” follows previous single “Blue Lilacs”.

With Petra Haden as guest vocalist, Desertshore alums Chris Connolly and Phil Carney perform the eponymous debut of Waters of March. This project was formed to explore a wide range of musical influences, including jazz, classical, indie rock, and many other genres.


"Red Madrone" blends Petra Haden's captivating vocals with soothing blues and fuzzy pop melodies enhanced by ethereal textures.

Phil and Chris collaborated on "Red Madrone", originally composed as an airy guitar composition. Through the open musical structure, Chris's lyrics explore childhood memories of his father's mountain house in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. As the song reflects childhood memories and reconciles past experiences, a melancholy emotional state is reflected.


With an eponymous debut featuring Petra Haden as guest vocalist, Waters of March is a duo featuring Chris Connolly on piano and Phil Carney on guitar. With this project, the group explores a wide range of musical influences, including jazz, classical, indie rock, and many others. Chris studied classical piano with master pianists Sharon Mann, Marc Steiner, and Julian White. In addition to his extensive background in alternative rock, Phil studied jazz and classical guitar and has an extensive knowledge of guitar performance and composition. The daughter of jazz legend Charlie Haden, Petra Haden is a celebrated jazz singer. They originally worked under the name Desertshore and were based in San Francisco. A unique blend of ethereal soundscapes is created by the combination of these musicians.


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