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Toronto based, 4 piece band, VALLEY, a band comprised of an ensemble of friends, has focused on making sure that their fan base never feels alone. This is especially evident, in darker times. The group works to keep a spotlight on the constant struggle of maintaining mental wellness. Their vibe is strongly based on finding positives in the world, while navigating the tricky waters of mental health issues. With their release of ‘nevermind’, the band uses strong, darker lyrical-imagery with an electronic/synth melody and rhythm that keeps your face smiling and body moving. Filled with hooks, and melodic tones, the JAM drenches listeners with an upbeat shower of sound while attacking the frontal lobe about dealing with some serious issues. In times like these, it’s important for fans and listeners to know, that it is possible to remain positive, while dealing with the stresses and overwhelming issues people have been facing lately. This BANGER, bridges that gap perfectly.

Lead singer Rob Laska explains, “I feel like with Valley we’ve always strived for the perfect happy and sad song. ‘nevermind’ is a direct representation of playing with that idea. The song covers a stricter mental health narrative but also leaves the listener room to feel high energy production-simultaneously processing a topic about trying to find an emotion that doesn’t really exist.”

With almost 23 million listens spread across their five previous releases, “Closer to the Picture,” “Push For Yellow (Shelter),” “A Phone Call in Amsterdam,” “Park Bench,” and “There’s Still a Light In The House,” from their debut LP MAYBE the bands synth – drenched hooks, have thrusted them forward, toward a 2020 JUNO Award Nomination with fellow acts; Lennon Stella and The Band Camino on SOLD OUT North American tours in 2019 and a confirmed support billing with will with LovelyTheBand once the tour world reopens.

Their imaginative brand of indie – rock, designed conceptually to “capture the complications, apprehensions, and catastrophes that escort our transition from teenager years to young adulthood”, navigates the exact timeline and mindset the group were in when they formed, accidentally, their freshman year of college.

Listen to More from VALLEY, here:

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