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Ink To Spill Explores The Tensions Centered Around Immigration In America With Dynamic New Single “W

Beloved alt rock outfit Ink To Spill is back with their most dynamic hit yet, set to release on Thursday June 25th. “Where Went Josè?!” explores the recent turbulence caused by stricter laws around immigration reform. The song delivers a story of betrayal and grief expressed through the innocent eyes of a child. The song isn’t shy about diving right into its grim nature as a young boy discovers his classmate and best friend Josè has been captured by ICE and shipped back to the country his parents left decades ago. Betrayed by the realities of our current political divide, Ink To Spill sheds a necessary light on a tough topic through captivating lyrics and powerful instrumental production. The song builds organically from beginning to end as the sounds of electric guitar gain momentum to instrumentally create the feeling of anger, resentment and ultimate deception by the country we once knew to be free.

The current state of our country wants to have it both ways; a low-wage-accepting, hardworking workforce but one that looks the way they want them to look and to speak the same language. Ignorance and unrealistic expectations have led to a very clear division politically and musicians have not taken it upon themselves to shed light on the issue. Ink To Spill is never too shy to take a bold stance and by doing so they prove the effectiveness and overall creativity of a conceptual track. In “Where Went Josè?!”, the band continues to explore new territory by incorporating a bit of Hip Hop influence behind what is normally a traditional alternative rock sound shuffled in notes of Americana and Blues.

The members of Ink to Spill live coast to coast; they create with one another remotely taking advantage of today’s production technology. Members include Gus Reeves (Lead Vocalist, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar), and Ernie Adams (Drums and Percussion). They bring in Lead Guitarist Bob Palmieri for LIVE shows as well as C’Quil for songwriting and production.  They examine the world through alt rock and candid lyrics; melodically influenced by Soul, R&B and Funk. The raw emotion of their tracks puts them apart from the pack. When these long distance creators do get together, the energy is not short of dynamic .Ink to Spill undoubtedly pairs experience perfectly with passion.

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