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Jack Vallier is Back with ‘Love You Twice’

I’d be lying if I said that Jack Vallier wasn’t one of my favorite new artists of the last year.  In 2017 he released his debut EP, “Rebekah”, and it is a project that I still have in heavy rotation.  Most impressive about this new kid on the block is his songwriting which is both honest and accessible – finding a way to connect with the listener on every track he delivers.

Since his debut release, people have been taking notice of Jack Vallier.  Fresh off of tours supporting both Jade Bird and Dermot Kennedy, Jack is back with a new single, titled, “Love You Twice”.  The new tune shows a different side of the buzzing artist, with the production leaning a bit more Electronic and the vocals leaning a bit more commercial Pop.  Once again Jack delivers a touching vocal performance, while lyrically portraying, “a reflection upon the trappings of adolescent love, whether good, bad, painful or beautiful.

If you are in London make sure you check out his debut headlining show May 14th, or else you’ll have a chance to catch him at Live At Leeds and The Great Escape.

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