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Jaeo Draftpick Blesses the Trap with His Latest Single

Up and coming rapper Jaeo Draftpick isn’t ashamed to tell you how far he’s come in his rap career. His new single, “Bless The Trap” isn’t only a celebration of his roots in Long Island, but it’s a song dedicated to his growth since starting in the rap game— as well as a tribute to his crew.

Jaeo Draftpick uses a simple yet magnetic rhythm in his raps to emphasize his lyrics in “Bless The Trap”: he makes it clear that he did not come to play, and that this is only the start of his career— despite his success up until now.

The beat utilizes elements of world music, but with catchy and clear hits that support his unique voice. Not only does the song make you want to tap your feet, but the music video provides visual evidence for how supportive his team is, as well as his hometown on the island.

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