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Jaeo Draftpick Drops New Bang ‘Beef & Broc’

Counting green eat beef and broc, Stash in my beef in broc” sings Jaeo Draftpick in his new single “Beef & Broc” released under NYC label Tommy Boy.  It is an intense, body-moving song that talks about the perks of a successful rap career all while never forgetting the roots that he comes from.

JAEO, an acronym for (J)ust (A)bout (E)verything (O)utstanding, doesn’t fail to mesmerize the listener and lives up to his name with this new song. “Walking ‘round the streets like I made it” and “Wouldn’t leave the block ‘til I was satisfied”, evidences the rapper’s need to evoke the notion of success through his music.  He has wildly succeeded in creating a song that sounds fresh, captivating and challenging for the listener, while proudly maintaining his New York roots and influences. This song talks about success but also about the sacrifices made to get to the top of the ladder while highlighting the importance of family and commitment to the craft.

The classic trap rhythm is prevalent throughout the song, but what separates it entirely from other songs is how detailed the production is.  Through overdubs and pitch manipulation, Draftpick manages to create motion and contrast in this single, as evidenced by the first verses and the chorus. This, blended with the ‘reverby’ sampled keyboard, gliding sub-bass and Jaeo’s immaculate delivery makes it a banger through and through.

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