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If I haven’t said it already….. let me say it now, BabyJake is a freaking GENIUS! The genre–obliterating artist’s newest release Do I Fit In Your Shoes?, simply SLAPS, as the kids say these days. The song is an anthem for any artist, young or old, who has ever felt misunderstood by industry professionals, fans, peers, or really…anyone, for that matter. Focusing on the struggle to be taken seriously as an artist who was evolving and growing as he progressed, Do I Fit In Your Shoes? was written, by BabyJake satirically to vocalize his feelings about being misunderstood by his label and those around him as another cookie–cutter POP artist. With an eclectic musical influence background and style, Baby Jake is anything BUT cookie-cutter. Drawing his influence from rock music, the intimacy of folk that his father exposed him to, and having an inherent understanding of both rap and pop, which he grew up listening to in Fort Meyers FL, BabyJake was destined for more than churning out the same old song after song.

When asked about his inspiration for the song, BabyJake said, “I started writing this song over a year ago when I was going through a hard time. I felt misunderstood as an artist by a lot of the people around me, including my label. I was 19 when I wrote my first hit ‘Cigarettes on Patios,’ and people just expected that same shit from me over and over. I’ve grown up and evolved a lot as a person since then, and so has my music. This song is about that feeling and getting through it. I’m happier now, and things have changed. I feel like I have a great team around me, and we’re all super excited for the new music that’s coming.”

To pair with his snappy, well-written, intelligent lyrics, BabyJake uses hand claps, choir-singing, and antique sound effects to bring his vision to life, sonically. Although compiled as a very weird and diverse group of sounds, the music just works. To accompany his ode to those who misunderstand his artistry, BabyJake co-created the concept for the official music video to Do I Fit In Your Shoes?, where he plays double roles as himself, an artist taking a meeting with a lavish and self-indulging music executive, and AS the executive, too. The plainly obvious opposition of these two characters is the visual incarnation of the dissension that BabyJake had been dealing with.

“Um, you see scratch ain’t better than sh- ‘Cause by comparison I’m basically just sucking your- (whoa!) Talk about arrogance, I almost didn’t release this song I thought about how embarrassing it’d be for me to talk this long About my biz and awkward situations”– with lyrics like these, you can see why BabyJake is set up to be a prolific artist not-to-be fit into any one boxed genre. He has a vulnerability in his lyrics that is only matched by the diversity of his style.

Like, your song says Jake; “remember who you are, take that bullet to the heart”…and be the star YOU ARE.

Listen to more music from Baby Jake, here:

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