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JAM OF THE WEEK: CREO – Subtitles For X, Y, Z

What did I tell y’all about the Indie scene in AUS?

Well, we’re back with some new flavor for your ears thanks for Sydney 4-piece band CREO… and this one is my JAM OF THE WEEK.

To get people hyped for the release of their upcoming EP, “Subtitles For X, Y, Z“, due out Sept. 8th, they have just released the projects title track and it is a beaut.  The highly dynamic track takes listeners on a ride, cruising between glaring guitar orchestrations and mellow melodic sections – it ebbs and flows like a beautiful sea of sound.

I am absolutely in love with the vocals.  Soft and haunting, they take hold at every chance they get, creating a dreamy soundscape ready to be crushed by the incoming instrumental section, making them hit that much harder in contrast.  Production wise, guitars mix with more guitars, which mix with huge some vocal chants… the bass and drums tucked beneath, offering a precise amount support to the screaming string ensembles.

Overall the track has an incredibly powerful and emotional vibe.  You can feel the angst oozing out, but for some reason everything feels just how it should be – that is why this is my JAM OF THE WEEK.

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