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JAM OF THE WEEK: Flawes – Don’t Count Me Out

Hailing from Yorkshire, but residing in London, Alt-Pop trio Flawes have been a bit quiet for the last 18 months or so.  Since forming on a whim in 2015, the groups chemistry and sound quickly landed them in the spotlight and on the radar of tastemakers far and wide.  The reaction to their initial releases was instant. BBC Introducing played lead track ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ and, to Flawes astonishment, it was made Record of the Week on Radio 1, reached No.8 on Spotify’s viral chart and was chosen to soundtrack trailers for the hit US TV series Lie To Me.

The instant acceptance and quick rise into the spotlight lead Flawes to fill their schedules with tours, gigs, writing sessions and festival appearances – leaving little time to hone their sound, carve their lane and build on their already buzzing catalog.  Slowing things down a bit over the last year or so, JC, Huss and Freddie Edwards got back into the studio to focus on the next chapter… and luckily for us they are now ready to share their new material with the world.  

Preparing to release their debut album later this year, Flawes have recently unleashed their new single, “Don’t Count Me Out”, and it is yet another shining example of what the trio is made of.  From the brilliant arrangement to impressive production and memorable vocals everything about this new tune hits.  The first of what promises to be a strong of singles to kick off the year, JC says about the track,“It’s a passionate song about refusing to be brushed aside.  It’s a universal message, but having been away for a while, it’s also us announcing that we’re back, on our own terms.

If this is the first taste of what’s to come, I have no doubt their debut album will be an absolute smash.  I’ll be patiently waiting for more.

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