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JAM OF THE WEEK: Foresteater – Pretend Land

There is some freshness coming out of Phoenix… and they go by the name of Foresteater.  The brainchild of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mikey Pro, Foresteater was formed in 2015, after a dream he had about “a band playing on an island in outer-space surrounded by electric rainbows.


Since releasing their debut EP during their inaugural year (2015), they have been hard at work creating and delivering a string of tunes and touring around the US.  The self proclaimed, “Candygrunge”, sound they are unleashing is hard yet uplifting and brings all the vibes.

Their latest tune,  “Pretend Land”, is a mid-tempo, edgy, indie dreamscape that hypnotizes from the first note and holds on until the last.  Produced and recorded by Mikey Pro and Bob Hoag, there are clear influences from across the Rock spectrum all coming to play here.  The guitar driven tune sees stacked layers of rhythm, bright leads and grooving basslines meshing together beneath the angst filled yet undeniable vocals.

For Mikey Pro, the record came from somewhere organic and undeniable.  He admits, “I didn’t plan on writing this song, it just sort of came out one day. I think I had become too overwhelmed with the ugliness and hopelessness I had been seeing and feeling since Trump came into office and there was no way this song wasn’t making it’s way out of me. It’s a song about feeling extremely hopeless and pessimistic about the future and self medicating to make yourself feel better about overwhelming things. It’s a song that remembers we are all just humans making it up as we go and that could be a very scary truth. Musically, I tried to fit a bunch of different rock genres that I like into one cohesive piece. The song was recored and produced by Bob Hoag and Mikey Pro.

I must admit…when writing reviews I always listen to the tune at hand on repeat… some I rarely come back to… this one will be in rotation for a while.

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