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JAM OF THE WEEK: RuthAnne – Liquid

As someone named Brian Delaney, it’s always dope when I find some new talent coming out of Ireland.  While RuthAnne has been racking up some major numbers writing for other artists (1.5B in the last year alone), her own personal artist project is just getting off the ground.

In May 2018, she received two BMI awards for penning “Slow Hands” for Niall Horan and “In The Name Of Love” for Martin Garrix. She’s also written a string of hits including “Too Little Too Late” for JoJo and Britney Spears’ RIAA platinum-certified “Work Bitch”, as well as featuring on the ‘Fifty Shades Darker‘ soundtrack with her song “Pray“.

With her debut album set to release in early 2019, RuthAnne has set the tone with her singles, “The Vow”, and, “Take My Place”.  Adding to the hype around her forthcoming project, she has recently released the third single, “Liquid”, this time delivering a soulful Hip Hop leaning jam that hits a bit closer to home for her.  Pulling inspiration from artists like Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse, RuthAnne delivers a spectacular vocal performance over a dark, chill and minimal production.

About the single she says, “Liquid is basically my response to any haters, fake friends and trolls out there. People seem to just talk on a surface level to each other, but then tear each other apart behind their back, or from behind a computer screen. Everyone has become a critic which means that more and more people are feeling the pressure to be perfect…to portray perfection. I allowed myself to be real about shit that wasn’t so great in my life and then write this song, calling it out for what it is and not letting any of it get to me anymore.

Wish so many major credits already under her belt, it is exciting to see the prospect of reaching such massive audiences again – this time with her own personal releases.  One listen to, “Liquid”, and it is more than evident that her songwriting is top notch and thus deserving of some major attention.  A poignant and deep release, beautifully performed and certainly enough to get me excited for her debut album.

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