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JAM OF THE WEEK: Sean Christopher – A Thousand Hues

I read a story a few years ago about a Japanese man who lost his wife during the Tsunami back in 2011.  He could not find her on land and decided to take diving lessons to search the sea. I was really moved by it and ‘A Thousand Hues’ was written soon after.”  If that doesn’t set the tone for this next one – I don’t know what will.

While the Netherlands may be best known for their Dance/House artists, there is no doubt a long list of talent across genres – Sean Christopher is the perfect example.  With a new album set to drop in May, he has recently dropped a live video for the third single, “A Thousand Hues”, and it is an absolute beaut.

With little more than acoustic guitar and some atmospheric elements, Sean delivers a captivating performance to resonate deep in your soul.  The Folk leaning tune utilizes a beautiful progression, obscure yet relatable lyrics and an undeniable vibe to connect.

While the video is ultra simplistic – with the artist walking backwards and performing – the song here is what it is all about.  Anything more visually may have taken away from the tune and we’re glad that is not the direction the chose to go in.

Give this one a spin and prepare to feel some type of way.

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