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Jane XØ Continues to Wow with ‘Let Me Down Easy’

Since sliding onto the scene in 2016 with her signature blend of Urban, Pop, Electronic, World music, Jane XO has been absolutely unstoppable – racking up over 70m streams on Spotify alone.

Since the beginning Jane has been able to keep the focus on the music (easier said than done these days) by keeping available information limited and never releasing photos of herself.  While it may seem odd for an artist to want to remain anonymous, Jane XO explains that she is more than happy, “Being able to express myself musically without limits, no worries of judgement, no worries of success or failure.

Too add to the growing interest, and fueling the fire event further, Jane XO has just released a new single, “Let Me Down Easy“, with LoKii, and it is an Electronic Pop smash.  While her identity may not be known, one thing that always stays consistent is her unique and seductive vocals and her quality songwriting.  Driving, filtered, ambient elements open the tune beneath slapping drums and the stellar vocals, keeping the verses mellow before opening into a huge hook.

Perfectly formulated and executed, whoever Jane XO may be, it is clear she has most likely been at it for some time and knows exactly what she is doing.  Creating memorable records that resonate and connect with her fans, she has chosen to put ego aside to create art in its purist form.  The wild, untamed emotion and passionate personality in her songs and performances take centre stage.

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