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Jarreau Vandal Enlists Denzel Curry for Kanye ‘Sunday Service’ Flip

Recently I was introduced to Jarreau Vandal via this absolute bomb that I has been sitting securely at the top of my playlists ever since it landed in my inbox.  

Turns out I may be a bit late to the party.  Since giving him a follow on his socials, it was easy to see that Jarreau Vandal is on his grind.  From steady touring to support from Red Bull and more Jarreau Vandal is bringing something super fresh to the scene.  Blending influences from nearly every genre you can name, his sound is a polished mish mosh of vibes delivered clearly and concisely into crowd moving, undeniable jams.  

Recently, Kanye popped up across the web with a short clip of him jamming on a keyboard with a choir, kicking off his Sunday Service brand – and finding praise from far and wide.  While the stunt just seemed totally Kanye to me and didn’t really come as a surprise – what I wasn’t ready for was Jarreau Vandal to flip the clip, enlist Denzel Curry and create and outright bomb.

Using the choir, slapping drums and some massive hits, Jarreau creates a bouncy and anthemic beat for Denzel Curry to hop on and demolish.  Taking the viral moment and creating something even more timeless, Jarreau Vandal was able to once again showcase his creativity while also putting his impressive production on full display.  This shit slaps and there is no other way to put it.  

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