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Jas. Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut EP "Along the Way"

Since launching her solo project back in 2019, Melbourne based singer/songwriter Jas. has made some major waves with her signature blend of Pop. Blending genres and creating tunes that feel fresh and authentic along the way, she has quickly been labeled one of Australias favorite and most promising new acts. Finding early support from outlets like Triple J (Home and Hosed), HIT Perth, and FBi Radio while racking up an impressive number of streams and securing a rapidly growing fanbase, Jas. has already made a serious impact with her small yet might catalog.

Having released a number of singles throughout 2022, Jas. unveiled, "Ordinary," the final single from her debut EP. About the single, she says, "When I wrote Ordinary, I intended for it to be the final of three singles that would tie off a narrative about perseverance, and my journey up until this point. But when it came together, it felt like there was a lot more to say. The lyricism, the production and the vision felt like an evolution of my sound and it’s what encouraged me to continue with the journey of what became the EP, ‘Along the Way’."

"Along the Way," is a stunning 7-track project and was released on November 25th, only helping to further cement Jas. as an artist to watch in Australia and beyond. With the project still bubbling and gaining traction, I can't help but think that Jas. has a lot more coming; and hopefully we won't have to wait too long before she blesses us again.

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