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Jason Taylor drops his stunningly smooth single “Feelin’ Me” + Remastered EP

Los Angeles based, New York-raised alt-rocker Jason Taylor has dropped his new single “Feelin’ Me” and remastered, re-released version of his album Creation Creator. The much anticipated release marks Taylor’s major label debut via Mi5/Universal Music Group. Lead single “Feelin’ Me” has also just come off a hot streak, having spent more than ten weeks charting on three international radio charts in the lead up to its release on streaming services.

Produced by industry vet Darryl Swann, who is known for his work with Macy Gray, John Frusciante and collaboration with the legendary Rick Rubin, Creation Creator is an enticing blend of indie rock, adult-contemporary and blues. It’s an all-killer and no-filler EP filled with lush guitar, and stunning vocal work that rock fans are sure to love.

Lead single “Feelin’ Me” sets the tone of things to come with its mystifying swirls of melodic acoustic guitar and uber polished production work. The single draws on the blues-infused pop of John Mayer and the beloved falsetto vocal styles of John Legend. Taylor’s lyricism leans on the deeper side across the EP, with themes of spirituality, personal growth, and overcoming hardship underpinning much of the sentiment. Taylor himself is no stranger to tough times, having overcome a challenging childhood and serious neck injury as an adult. “Feelin’ Me” stands out as a highly emotive sonic offering that encapsulates a certain rawness Taylor is becoming known for.

In his own words, Taylor explains the meaning behind “Feelin’ Me”:

“You’ve got to get in to get out of the matrix. The inside is as vast as the outside. Who would you be if you were not in battle with yourself?”

Though it may be Taylor’s major label debut, he’s no stranger to the music industry. His fascinating story begins ditching a job at age 19 to attend his favorite artist John Mayer’s “Mayercraft Carrier” event. It was then he made the decision to pursue music full-time and also where John Mayer hilariously asked to see his nipples (according to his Voyage LA interview). Following his radical experience on the Mayercraft, Taylor got to work as a musician, cutting his teeth on the road including four West Coast tours.

Be sure to check out Creation Creator and stay up to date with all things Jason Taylor on Instagram.


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