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JMES Hits Us Right in The Feels With Her Debut Single- ‘Hopeless Romantic’

Hailing from Dallas, TX– 20 year old ALT/POP artist JMES has released her debut single on July 31, 2020! ‘HOPELESS ROMANTIC’, is soulful and filled with raw vulnerability, well beyond the 20 years of the singer-songwriter who penned it. With a sad but hopeful melody and heart–on–her sleeve lyrics, this romantic is ANYTHING BUT hopeless. The young artists debut single shows immense ability for introspection and soul exposure, poising her for great success as a Singer/Songwriter/Pop artist. With a beautiful voice and smart lyrics, JMES is undeniable, while she sings you the story of her love and heartbreak.

JMES draws her influence from good company, with the likes of; Joni Mitchell, Madonna, James Arthur, and The Doors. She began classical piano at a young age and later learned guitar at Interlochen Arts Academy where she graduated as a Songwriting Major. You can almost picture the young musician sitting in her room, writing and playing piano, beneath the glow of her strung lights on the wall, as you listen to her voice. That sort of sub-conscious travel is hard to come by in music, but in her short time as an artist, JMES has captured the ability to transport you, quite unbelievably.

JMES has performed at venues such as Opening Bell Coffee, The Houston Rodeo, KMID TV in Midland, Texas, Interlochen Center for the Arts and Traverse City Children’s Museum Gala. Safe to say you can expect more great music, from this young lady!

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